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  1. '杜甫 聞官軍收河南河北 translation: Hearing the Military Has Taken Henan and Hebei, by Du Fu'
  2. 010 杜甫 登岳陽樓 translation: Ascending Yueyang Tower, by Du Fu
  3. 113 杜甫 旅夜書懷 translation: Thoughts on a Travelling Night, by Du Fu
  4. 235 杜甫 八陣圖 translation: Eight Front Strategy, by Du Fu
  5. 271 杜甫 江南逢李龜年 translation: Encountering Li Guinian in Jiangnan, by Du Fu
  6. Cambridge Chinese Fourth Year Song and Tang Poetry List
  7. 杜甫 古柏行 translation: Ballad of the Old Cypress, by Du Fu
  8. 杜甫 宿府 translation: Staying at the Yamen, by Du Fu
  9. 杜甫 登樓 translation: Ascending a Pavilion, by Du Fu