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300 posts! + looking for guest posters

三百About five months ago I hit the milestone of 200 posts, after the site had been running for a year. Five months later, I’ve hit 300 total posts. Time for some comparisons to five months ago:

  • The site has received 621 comments to date, averaging 2.08 per post (up 30%).
  • 19920 spam comments have been filtered since the site started.
  • The site now averages over 5000 unique visitors a month, or 167 a day (up 67%).
  • Those visitors have over 25000 page views between them in an average month (up 127%).
  • The RSS feed has 79 subscribers (up 55%).
  • The average visitor looks at 3.5 pages before leaving (exactly the same as before).
  • The site’s PageRank is still 3.

And some other stats:

The majority of traffic has come from search engines (61%), followed by links (25%) and then direct traffic (14%).

[caption id="attachment_5998” align="aligncenter” caption="Traffic sources as of February 2012”][/caption]

37% of traffic comes from the United States, 10% from the United Kingdom, 6% from China, and the remaining 47% from 108 other countries. That means I’ve now had visitors from the majority of countries in the world (53%).

[caption id="attachment_5997” align="aligncenter” caption="Traffic heatmap as of February 2012”][/caption]

Inviting guest posts

I’d really like to start including some guest posts on the site. The topic is huge: anything to do with East Asian Studies. That could be anything related to learning Chinese, Japanese or Korean (or other languages in the region), or history, politics, whatever. I’m interested in it all.

Currently the site’s pretty lacking in non-Chinese content, as China and Chinese make up the vast majority of my studies. That’s not to say that China-related guest posts wouldn’t be cool too!

Anyway, please get in contact (you can email me directly here) with a guest post submission!

Contact me: mhg@eastasiastudent.net