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9th Century

  1. 152 白居易 賦得古原草送別 translation: Farewells on Grassland, by Bai Juyi
  2. 211 李商隱 隋宮 translation: The Sui Palace, by Li Shangyin
  3. 303 李商隱 嫦娥 translation: Chang'e, by Li Shangyin
  4. 敦煌 醉後失禮謝書 Dunhuang Drunk Apology Letter Translation
  5. 李商隱 夜雨寄北 translation: Sent North in Night Rain, by Li Shangyin
  6. 李商隱 無題 · 來是空言去絕踪 translation: Untitled (Promises to Come Were Empty Words; Gone Without Trace), by Li Shangyin
  7. 杜牧 贈別 其二 translation: Parting II, by Du Mu