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11th Century

  1. '蘇軾 李思訓畫長江絕島圖 translation: Li Sixun Paints Cragged Islands on the Yangtze, by Su Shi'
  2. '蘇軾 臘日遊孤山訪惠勤惠思二僧 translation: On the Winter Festival I Visited Lone Mountain and the Two Monks Hui Jin and Hui Si, by Su Shi'
  3. '蘇軾 雨中游天竺靈感觀音院 translation: Traveling in the Rain to Linggan Guanyin Temple on Tianzhu Mountain, by Su Shi'
  4. '陸游 醉後草書歌詩戲作 translation: After Getting Drunk, Playfully Writing a Poem in Grass Script (Lu You)'
  5. 歐陽脩 平生為愛西湖好 translation: All One's Life One has Loved It, by Ouyang Xiu (采桑子)'
  6. 歐陽脩 畫船載酒西湖好 translation: A Painted Boat Carrying Wine, by Ouyang Xiu (采桑子)
  7. 蘇軾 宿九仙山 translation: Lodging on Nine Immortals Mountain, by Su Shi
  8. 蘇軾 寓居定惠院之東雜花滿山有海棠一株土人不知貴也 translation: ...Dinghui Temple..., by Su Shi
  9. 蘇軾 辛丑十一月十九日,既與子由別于鄭州西門之外,馬上賦詩一篇寄之 translation