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  1. Carsick Cars '他们的一员'' lyrics translation: One of Them'
  2. Carsick Cars '可怜的人'' lyrics translation: Pitiful Person'
  3. FUSION乐园 123 translation (Chinese pop rock song)
  4. 坎坎 滴答 translation: Di Da, by Kan Kan (Chinese song in Lijiang)
  5. 坎坎 爱情啊 translation: Oh Love, by Kan Kan
  6. 崔健 一无所有: Nothing to My Name, by Cui Jian - a decent Chinese rock song
  7. 王若琳 三个人的晚餐 translation: Dinner for Three, by Joanna Wang
  8. 颠覆M - 蒙古精神 lyrics translation: The Spirit of Mongolia, by DianFu M