East Asia Student

Random Stuff Related to East Asia


  1. 'How to type a Chinese / Japanese name dot · (interpunct) on Windows, Mac or Linux '
  2. Calibre is an open-source ebook program with awesome potential for language learning
  3. Chinese time format for coding: %Y年%m月%e日 %A %I:%M %p
  4. Disabling Wacom Bamboo touch in Linux
  5. Fixing the "sqlalchemy.exceptions / cjklib" error in Pinyin Toolkit for Anki
  6. GNOME Timer Applet for effective study sessions
  7. How to make SCIM work with Anki
  8. Input Chinese, Japanese and Korean in Ubuntu
  9. Input pinyin with tone marks in Ubuntu
  10. Making a dedicated Skritter launcher in Linux Mint
  11. Open source is good for language learners
  12. Preventing procrastination with the hosts file
  13. SCIM Smart Pinyin disappearing (智能拼音)
  14. SCIM vs IBus (Linux Chinese, Japanese, Korean input method options)
  15. Useful terminal commands for language students
  16. Vocabify 0.2, now on Google Code
  17. Vocabify 0.2.3
  18. Vocabulary notify flashcards 0.1

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