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  • 中国

    The best Android Chinese input method: Google Pinyin Input (谷歌拼音输入法)

    What is the best Android Chinese input method? I’ve used Android for quite a while now and need to input Chinese pretty much constantly on a daily basis, mostly for text chatting with people. I have another requirement for the input method on my phone, though: it has to be good at Chinese and English […]

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  • 普通话

    Get daily Chinese handwriting practice with Google Pinyin IME on Android

    Install Google Pinyin IME on your Android phone to get daily Chinese handwriting practice. It’s a bit slower than pinyin input, but you’ll remember the hanzi.

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  • ལྷ་སའི་སྐད་

    How to get Tibetan to display in Ankidroid (Anki for Android)

    A super-quick guide on getting Tibetan script to display correctly in Ankidroid (Anki for Android) by replacing the default font with one that includes Tibetan.

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  • Study

    The Skritter iOS app is out… Please make an Android one!

    The Skritter iOS app is out and it looks awesome, especially the offline support. But please get a native Android app out as soon as possible!

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