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Visit to ChinesePod

ChinesePod office buildingYesterday John took me along to ChinesePod to have a look at how things work there and meet a few people. It was pretty weird going there having listened to so many hours of their material over the past few years. I met a couple of celebrities from the Chinese learning world, including John Biesnecker and Jenny Zhu.

Meeting Jenny was really odd as I recognised her voice but not her face, as I did with a couple of the other ChinesePod teachers. It was also fun being introduced to John Biesnecker as “East Asia Student”, and him then realising who I was.

I then sat in on the recording of a lesson. If you ever listen to ChinesePod’s “Weighing an Elephant” lesson (about the famous Cao Cao story), you can just about hear me existing in the background.

[caption id=“attachment_3633” align=“aligncenter” caption=“Recording in ChinesePod’s recording studio. Content with me in costs extra.”]Hugh recording in ChinesePod's recording studio[/caption]

The office is in a pretty cool location on the river, and there’s a shop that pimps up expensive cars next door, so apparently there’s usually some pretty swish vehicles around. There was a yellow Lotus when I was there. The view across the river is of these pretty ramshackle old houses that look like they’re about to ditch their contents into the water at any moment. Two worlds.

Particular highlights of the day included John’s stooped posture to speak into a microphone that doesn’t go high enough for him, and Jenny Zhu not realising that “don’t be such a pussy” is not appropriate content for a ChinesePod lesson.