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Impromptu Shanghai jam at ROCK 0093

Last night me and a few other guests in Rock & Wood Hostel (老木青年旅舍) were playing some drinking games, and after a while decided it really would be a good idea to start our own band here. Drunken phone calls were made, instruments were booked and a room arranged. This morning we decided we might as well go along with the plan, and off we went to ROCK 0093 practice rooms in Shanghai.

[caption id=“attachment_3539” align=“aligncenter” caption=“The band sets off”][/caption]

We took a couple of taxis, having no clue where the place we’d booked actually was.

[caption id=“attachment_3540” align=“aligncenter” caption=“Alex and Arno contemplate stardom”][/caption]

Even when we got on to the right street, the only thing we could find was a metal door with a little A4 poster on it saying “ROCK 0093”.

[caption id=“attachment_3541” align=“aligncenter” caption=“The door to ROCK 0093 on Quxi Road”][/caption]

So we went in and were directed down into the basement by a little kid who then disappeared (no exaggeration). The basement was dark and had water all over the floor. We were starting to reach “what the fuck?” stage when we finally found some staff down there.

[caption id=“attachment_3542” align=“aligncenter” caption=“Hmmm….”][/caption]

But then everything went better than expected. We hired two guitars, a bass, a keyboard and drumkit for 5元/hour each, plus 50元/hour for the room. And off we went.

[caption id=“attachment_3543” align=“aligncenter” caption=“Alex gets going on the guitar”][/caption]

So we jammed around for a bit, singing about a mysterious box of meat that we found elsewhere in the basement, and a guy that got a bit too drunk the night before.

[caption id=“attachment_3544” align=“aligncenter” caption=“The Rock & Wood Experience”][/caption]

So there we go, drunken plans can come to fruition.