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Dear reader, I need your help! I put a lot of hours and work into East Asia Student and make it available for free. It can all go so much further with a little help from you.

I’ll point out a few ways you can be really helpful, and would be grateful if you could put one or two of them into practice! They’re listed from the very easiest to the more substantial.


Two seconds: share a post

The fastest and easiest way you can help me is to spread the word! Every article on this site is ready and equipped with social sharing buttons.

If you have an account on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other countless social networks, please click some of those buttons! That’s all it takes – one click. It helps me get the word out about all the content I’m producing here in my spare time.

So, if you find some content that you like, consider giving something in return with a quick click on one of the social sharing buttons. There’s a retweet button for Twitter, a recommend button for Facebook, and then a huge drop-down list to take your pick from if you want more.


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Thirty seconds: tell someone

If you’ve got friends who also study an East Asian language or take East Asian Studies classes at university, let them know about East Asia Student! Aside from all the online sharing options above, it’d be awesome if you could tell a friend about East Asia Student face to face. Even better, tell your whole class about it.

There’s also email. The sharing drop-down on each page has an email option built into it. Forward a helpful article to someone who’d find it useful and you’ll be helping out two people: me and the person you shared it with!


One minute: comment

I love getting comments here. By commenting, you add to and improve each post you respond to, and keep me motivated to produce more. You can also indicate the kind of content you find most useful so I can focus on making more of it in future. And if you point out mistakes, I can fix them.

Another advantage to commenting is that you can get a link back to your own content, and pull in some traffic from all the readers here at East Asia Student.


Ask a question

I also love to receive questions and queries. You can use the contact form or email me directly at Whatever it is, you’re very welcome to ask any question related to East Asian Studies. I’ll do my best to answer it! If I can’t, I’ll try to find someone who can and let you know.

Receiving your questions is useful to me as it lets me produce content that I know at least one person will find useful. Being as useful as possible is always my goal here.


Suggest content

If you’ve got an idea for content here at East Asia Student, I’d be very pleased to hear about it! I’ve already got a huge list of content ideas waiting to be made into posts, but it’s always great to have more. Again, use the contact form or email me directly, and fire away!


Contribute content

I’m afraid that I don’t generally accept guest posts, because the vast majority submitted for consideration are pretty awful and clearly geared at gaining links. However, if you can actually produce something highly relevant that fits in closely with the other content here then I would publish it.

The only thing I’m likely to accept are posts that do exactly the same thing as existing posts here, such as break down and annotate a poem, or cover some particular grammar structure, or explain a learning technique or tip.